Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Krishna vs. Buddha Cage Match

I imagine Krishna and Buddha looking down at me from above. One has his arms crossed over his chest and a furrowed brow. The other pulls at his lower lip pensively. Both are deep in thought. Krishna turns to Buddha.

"Maybe she wasn't ready to come back as a human."

Buddha nods.

"What was she the last time?"

"A sloth."

"Hmm, she should have come back as a cat. I think she skipped a stage."

Silence. Both contemplate.

"Let's see if she can make it," Buddha says.

*Disclaimer: This blogger assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the process of reincarnation as put forth in the above

*Additional Disclaimer: The title of above blog has little to nothing to do with the actual content.

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  1. I'm totally seeing this as a Broadway musical.