Monday, October 26, 2009


The moment has come. I know It's what you all have been waiting for.

Pictures of my life at Turning Stone are HERE, people.

Without further ado, let me commence the show-and-tell.

Me in work mode, waving to a little kid. Check out the sexy bazooms. The costume used to come with this beautiful necklace, but it gave me a rash. So now it's just bazooms.

Playing/dancing with the stiltwalker

The segway that leads the way through the casino, complete with speakers pumping cheesy music. We call it the mechanical goat or the electric gondola. Yes, that's an inside joke, and it's funny as hell! Too bad you don't know it...

Another action shot

This is a good shot of the whole gang at work in a different part of the casino, even though it's dark.

Casanova and his courtesans dance

Me and the showgirls. My roommate is the one on the left (hi Kristin!). Isn't she gorgeous? (Psst, she eats cake too!)

One of the living statues

The statues and showgirl feathers.

I couldn't resist posting this one of the statues backstage at Lava. And speaking of which...

A view of the Hellclub from above. Those things on the floor are what the aerialists spin on 20 feet above the ground. Our usual VIP booth is the one to the right of the steps.

So there they are. Proof that I'm not making all this up! This week should be fun because on Friday and Saturday we're dressing up in Halloween costumes and performing the dance from "Thriller." You'll hear all about it, of course.

Hope you enjoyed them!

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